Def Leppard versus LA Traffic

This post is dedicated to all Leppard fans out there!

Yesterday’s concert at Irvine Meadows Amphi Theatre was awsome! Stuck in LA traffic, we were too late for the Tesla opening act, but luckily we were in time for Reo Speedwagon. It took us 3 hours (!) to drive from Beverly Hills til Orange County, and by the time we reached the stadion, we were so hungry we had to grab a pizza slice while rushing in to find our seats. Raymond’s favorite Speedwagon tune, Don’t Let Him Go, were playing when we finally found our row.

The atmosphere was sparkling and Reo Speedwagon put on a great show. Can’t Fight This Feeling and Keep On Loving You made us sing a long, and the many couples around us were holding their arms around each other – probably thinking of the glory 70’s and 80’s.

9.20 it was time to welcome Def Leppard. They opened with Let’s Go, and the audience seemed to be captured in the Leppard spell from the start. The rest of the set list was the same as always, only mixed up with Dangerous and Man Enough. A lot of the back screen videos was brand new and refreshingly cool. The band looked great and they seemed to enjoy the audience and venue – which is basically in their own neighborhood.  They rounded of the show with Rock Of Ages and Photograph (as always), and the rock ‘n roll night was complete. This concert is one of the last ones that are played on this venue. Soon they will wreck it to build apartments. RIP Irvine Meadows – we will miss you!

Luckily, it only took us 1 hour to drive back, and even though we were still struggling with the never ending jet lag, we managed to stay awake. What a night!

-Line & Raymond

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